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Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini supports Vertex

Vertex is pleased to announce that the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has pledged support for the ecosystem’s upcoming Impact series. In August 2020, Vertex directors Tarun Goswami and Marc Watum introduced the group’s intentions to create food production systems in the country, which was well received by the country’s leaders.

Together with Eswatini’s Ministry of Water Affairs and Ministry of Tourism, the team is preparing a roadmap to undertake sustainable action, with the objective of achieving climate change mitigation.

Our project will span the identification of communities who live near threatened bodies of water, as part of the network of tributaries and rivers that coexist in and around Southern Africa’s most precarious wetlands. The people who live in this environment are challenged every day. They cannot eat. They cannot drink or rely on the water for some of the most basic elements of life”, Vertex director Tarun Goswami

Vertex has partnered with advisors and specialists across various water sustainability disciplines, and together have designed solutions that can feed over 800 families per year, while delivering clean water and education.

More information on the Impact series can be found here:

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