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About Vision 2030

Vertex Ecosystem boasts the highest calibre of social incubators, accelerators, investors, researchers, professors, skilled industry leaders, agriculturalists, and entrepreneurs.

In partnership with Angamma Charitable Trust, we created Vision 2030 to tackle food insecurity and climate related challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our aim is to effect the becoming of Africa’s agriculture value chain into the world’s leading ecological productivity hub.

How you can join Vision 2030

  • Innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who have solutions that resolve Africa’s agriculture inefficiencies are invited to apply for funding from Vision 2030.
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Approved proposals will be added to the Vision 2030 Food Security Improvement selection and have their solutions integrated in our Pilot Campaign.

About the Pilot Campaign

The Pilot Campaign seeks to implement solutions that are entirely desired by local African communities, and create nature based economic livelihoods while closing major resource gaps like knowledge sharing and communication, education & employment, connectivity, logistics, and entrepreneurial empowerment.

Using the Vision 2030 Food Security Improvement selection, this project will showcase the agricultural value chain of the future. Based on real communities, and led by the agriculture stakeholders who live within them, Vision 2030 will build a first of a kind eco-hub that marries some of the best innovations available.