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Your ideas matter, your limitations shouldn’t.

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The Vertex

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To realize ideas that empower people and their communities.

Our Vision

A world that is transformed from the ground-up, where development is truly inclusive and enterprise is truly for everyone.

Moving ideas with social value beyond conceptualisation.

The Vertex

The Vertex 7 Pillars

From our annual summits to our thought-leadership Connect community, we produce empowerment opportunities for the sustainable enterprises of tomorrow. Swipe down to understand our 7 pillars.

Our pillars are: Connect, Explore, Inspire, Think Twice, Incubate, Impact, Summit.

Where innovation and investments intersect.

Our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Quality education

Quality education

Through some of our pillars like Think Twice, Explore, and Incubate, anyone can learn from the world’s most prominent leaders and educators.

Climate action

Climate action

We combine all of the Vertex’s resources including startups, incubation, accelerators, mentors, investors, and governments to enact interventional solutions.

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Our objective is to create development and to democratise the process. We believe that development should be for everyone.

We are passionate about restoring fairness and equality.

The Vertex

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Connect, Explore, Inspire, Think Twice, Incubate, Impact, Summit.

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