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A monthly series of workshops that help you connect, grow, and succeed. Our teachers are industry leaders who have done it all before, and who sit on the forefront of the latest in your industry… We call them hotshots.

What is Explore?


Explore is a space where engaged seekers of practical knowledge and experienced tutelage can interact with each other through workshops and panels, across a series of independent events, each with a particular focus on relevant topics for the modern entrepreneur and businessperson. Explore is the platform where you can grow your knowledge and capabilities by learning directly from industry-leading professionals of various sectors; helping you to enhance your knowhow on the diverse applications of business. Our sessions provide you a community of like-minded individuals, are inspired by top-notch speakers and special guests, and empower you to develop yourself into the professional tomorrow needs.

Explore prides itself on hosting the Original series with our selective hotshots at venues like WeWork or intriguing co-working spaces. We believe that young business leaders should have the opportunity to make intimate connections and receive the attention that their business ideas deserve in real time. Workshops and other Original events organised by our team combine the brightest of talents with the best available facilities so that our hotshots can impart the most cutting-edge solutions with ease. 

Come ready to learn, internalise, and put your knowledge to practice.

Previous Explore Original Workshops

Branding with Google

This women's month edition of Explore consisted of a workshop + panel covering the topic of Digital Advertising.

Vertex hotshot Odolena Kostova is a digital marketing expert at Google and author of “How To Advertise Like a Social Media Agency”. This exciting workshop was complemented by the country manager of Sleed, and a Cambridge PhD whose branding experience includes L'Oreal, Shazam, Visa, and Unilever.

Location: WeWork Aviation House, Chancery Lane

Explorers from anywhere around the world can purchase our support to organise their own workshops wherever they please. With Explore License, you can receive full access to our hotshots and logistical support to host an event in your community.

Previous Explore License Events

CPT Conference, London

The idea behind “the cross-pollination of thought” is to explore the reality that each person has his or her own ideas, thoughts, frameworks that make up who they are as individuals. When a person voices and/or shares his or her thoughts and ideas there is a form of "cross-pollination" that begins subconsciously provoking a diversified thought process which can ultimately drive change and lead to disruptive innovation. This one-day conference saw 4 panels on the themes of inclusiveness, relationships, and empowerment with heavy-hitting hotshots from Nestle, IBM, Snap Inc., Forbes, and many more.

CPT Conference Gallery

Snap Inc. - Explore License with Ed Couchman
Building Brands with Call of Duty

As we meet leading influencers and learn about their experiences, we share their knowledge with people who are eager to learn. In this Explore License event, hotshot Daleep Chhabria visits Hult International Business School to teach students about his experience as the senior marketer of Call of Duty. He details his journey and previous work for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Who are our hotshots?