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Catch up with the speakers: Ai Kenya

In a demonstration of IoT capabilities, Vertex speaker Alfred Ongere interviewed with BBC World News about Ai Kenya’s Cape to Nairobi datathon. His project saw 80 African data scientists battle it out to produce machine learning solutions in the Sendy Logistics Challenge. More information on this program can be found here

Alfred Ongere’s journey with the Vertex began in 2019, as he partnered with our ecosystem to deliver the Global Impact Summit in Nairobi. At the summit, Alfred hosted his own workshop on artificial intelligence and also participated in a 4-person panel, beside Faith Miano from Pangea Accelerator and Jesse Muraya, founder of Pong Agencies and director of the Nairobi Chamber of Commerce. The panel featured discussions around smart cities and urban development, and was hosted by Vertex CEO Marc Watum.

Ai Kenya’s Alfred Ongere discusses Smart Cities beside Vertex CEO Marc Watum, Pangea Accelerator, Pong Agencies

Vertex sponsors conversations in which technological innovators such as Alfred Ongere can impart their knowledge onto aspiring leaders. When asked about his experience at our Nairobi summit, fellow innovator and Director of the Nairobi Chamber of Commerce Jesse Muraya said “It was an amazing experience speaking about smart cities and sharing my entrepreneurial journey at the Global Impact Summit”.

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