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Download the 2018 summit program here Panels Smart Cities and Urban Development: Marc Watum – Moderator (Vertex Ecosystem CEO) Jesse Muraya - Pong Agencies... Read More


In partnership with the Omani Royal Sultanate, World Youth Parliament, UNICEF, UNESCO Oman, and development specialists from Middle East and Europe, the Water and... Read More


Incubate testimonial by Emma Serlin, founder of London Speech Workshop We identify impactful ventures and take them beyond conceptualisation. Through careful qualification assessment, we... Read More

Think Twice

Your browser does not support the video tag. A televised series where a startup brings their business challenges to an expert panel, which then…

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Inspiring the youth In 2019 we worked with the National Enterprise Challenge to help children develop soft skills and take up entrepreneurship. The National…

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What is Explore?   Explore is a space where engaged seekers of practical knowledge and experienced tutelage can interact with each other through workshops... Read More